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Would like to hear from anyone who has taken this trip regarding luggage limits

My husband and I took this trip in 2008, and are still talking about it. Regarding luggage, we used a rolling duffle bag which worked out great. Many people used the OAT duffle bag and found it satisfactory. You can get away with wearing only one pair of shoes as most of your day is spent in the safari vehicle, and "evening attire" is whatever you wore that day. Next time I would have brought less as we were able to have some of our laundry done at the lodges. I wore lightweight khakis, a tee-shirt and shirt over it and was comfortable. I also brought a polar fleece jacket for the evening. Don't bring blue jeans or anything blue or black as the mosquitos and tse-tse flies are attracted to those colors. OAT should send you info regarding the amount of weight you are allowed. Also, use a duffle bag as hard-backed suitcases are difficult to load onto the safari vehicles. Most importantly, have fun!