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Has anyone used <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> to buy foreign currency? I did a little checking on the web and found just one complaint for a wire transfer. I realize that it is much better to wait until you get to the country to change money, but am arriving in Delhi at around midnight and would need taxi and tip money right away.<br /><br />Would be interested in anyones experiences in buying foreign currency with them. Thank you very much for your comments

not sure why you are ordering money before you get there? there are several money changers right past the baggage area - thomas cook etc. plus you will find many in the city, banks & ATMs, hotels (even though they do not offer as good a rate)

I like to arrive in a foreign country wilh a little bit of the local currency, just in case. Always order through my bank--not as good an exchange rate but figure it's worth it on a small amount for the convenience.. Haven't tried it with Indian currency....presume they can do it with most currencies but don't know for sure.

most banks here in the usa (specially in the smaller cities) do not carry indian rupees as it is pretty much worthless outside of india . no one wants to accept it as payment (except in Nepal and Singapore)

I ordered foreign currency from maybe twice. Though they state they do not charge a commission, they make their money on the poor exchange rate. Normally I wait until arriving in-country to buy currency -- either at an exchange bureau or an ATM (preferred). But when I need a good amount of small denomination foreign currency soon after arrival (for taxis, meals,etc) I use Citibank's foreign exchange service (called, I think, World Wallet) as you can order the particular (small) denomination notes you need. They also seem to always give you fairly new nice,looking money.