Looking for Southwest Native American program

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<p>Am looking for a small-group tour that specializes in Native American culture including archaeology in the Four Corners area. What I had hoped to do in April has been cancelled and exploring the Southwest is my Plan B. Thank you for your recommendations! </p>

Try Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) at www.roadscholar.org. A search for "Four Corners" in the search engine in the upper right hand corner of their home page brings up 15 different programs, including some devoted to archaeology. Most of them are offered in May and/or October. Or you can search by US State, such as Arizona. One caveat though is that Road Scholar programs are not necessarily small groups. However, other than the more expensive Smithsonian Journeys, for the particular area that you want to cover they may be "the only game in town".

Ada -- this is a great lead! I've checked the website and sent for the catalog. Their programs in the Four Corners area are just what I was looking for.
Appreciate your help!