American Cruise Line Shore Excursions Options

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We are booked on a Amer. Cruise Line (ACL) River Cruise on the Columbia & Snake Rivers next year; you veteran cruisers know we're desperate to do this, given their high cost and potentially low expertise compared to European River Cruises (we've done our share) question for you all is this, we see three categories of shore excursions: 1 Featured, 2 Premium, and 3 Signature; we have an idea of what these categories mean but can't get any details until next year; does anyone know if the Premium and Signature excursions will be worth the extra cost?

You might have better responses by using where there are bulletin boards for all cruise lines including American Cruise Line.
You can scan the board for possible answers or post your question there.

Thanks for your advice........I have done that and can't seem to find anything (yet)