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We're looking to travel to Jordan for 7-8 days with a small group. Must see Petra, spend 1 night in Wadi Rum, Dead Sea and Jerash. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - thank you.

Not sure what suggestions you are looking for? first you should check if its possible to travel to Jordan due to the virus.
Here is a link to US State Dept advisory on travel to Jordan:

Should have mentioned we're looking to travel late 2021 or 2022 to Jordan.

At the top right of this page is "Search". Enter Jordan and a number of pages containing information about Jordan and some tour companies are mentioned. That might help.

The suggestion that you search previous ITN articles for Jordan is good. I did a quick search and found Fred Steinberg's ITN feature "Enjoying Petra's awesome sights, by day and by night," in the January 2018 issue. If you sift, you'll find more treasures. I most enjoyed Petra and Jerash, but have not been to Wadi Rum or the Jordan side of the Dead Sea. Enjoy!

You might want to contact Jihad Salamein - he has an MBA in archaeology, is a licensed guide and guides all over Jordan. His company is Explore Jordan Tours ( and email is: He lives in Wadi Musa (town closest to Petra) and Petra is one of his specialties.

When we went to Wadi Rum it was in the month of October. There were several other small tour groups there for dinner but they all left and spent the night elsewhere. We were in a tent with cots and it was very, very cold. I have spent the night in desert camps in Morocco, Tunisia and the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. Only Bolivia was as cold as the Wadi. If you stay there be sure you have thermal underwear and lots of warm layers to sleep in. And be sure you have a good flashlight because the facilities are some distance from the tents and it is pitch black if you need to go there before sunrise. I really did enjoy visiting the Wadi but I personally would not spend the night there again.

Hello. Jordan is terrific and I heartily recommend. I can email you my journal from my trip if you're interested.
Cathy Briner in Eugene, OR