Getting to Margarita Island off the coast of Venezuela

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I have been trying to go to Margarita Island [other name is Nueva Esparta] and was told by my travel consultant that I need a Venezuelan visa even if I fly in through Trinidad or Grenada. But, I cannot find an current Venezuelan Consulates or Embassies that are still in the US. I only wish to stop there a few days on the way to a cruise leaving from Ushuaia. Can anyone help me. Thanks

The following is from the US Dept of State:
Interim President Guaido appointed a Venezuelan Ambassador to the United States, whom the US government has accredited, but the Venezuelan embassy and consulates are not currently open for visa processing. Contact the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington for updates about the future availability of visa services.

Immigration officials often require proof of accommodation while in Venezuela, adequate means to support, and an onward departure itinerary. Only use official crossing points when entering Venezuela. You must obtain an entry stamp to prove you entered the country legally.