Baltic tour

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I am looking at tours of the Baltic States from mid to late June this year and am considering going with Nordic Saga. The itineraries and pricing look good. Has anyone else used Nordic Saga? I would appreciate other recommendations as well. OAT, Road Scholar, and Gate 1 do not have what I want.

I am curious as to what you want that is not included with the OAT trip? We took the OAT trip a few years ago, and it contained everything that we felt should be included. the cost was competitive with some of the other companies you cited, however, we had wanted some time on our own to visit personal cites that would not necessarily have been of general interest. True, the itinerary could have been better, in particular, it did, IMV, waste a day with OAT's ridiculous "day in the Life, " but all in all, we found the itinerary and cost to be best value for the money. So what do you want that is not included in the itinerary of the companies you mentioned, because they are all very similar?

The timing of the OAT tour doesn't match what I need. We will be ending a tour of Russia in St. Petersburg on June 10, so I need a tour of the Baltics to start soon after. Nordic Saga has a tour that starts on June 14.