OAT tour to Egypt, Israel & Jordan

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I am looking for any information on a December tour to the middle east, Egypt, Jordan & Israel. Any information will be appreciated, pro and con.

I did the trip in Spring 2018. It was fabulous!! Be sure to do the pre-trip to Palestine. Those who didn't really missed a special part of the trip. All of our guides were wonderful, but I especially Mustafa, our Palestinian guide. We also did the post-trip.

Could you please share the name of the tour company that you used?
Thank you.

Viking River Cruises does a wonder trip to Egypt with a pre-trip to Israel and a post-trip to Jordan. We took their trip in February 2016 and loved it.

I did the OAT trip to Egypt, Jordan & Israel in 2017. I heartily agree about doing the pre-trip to Palestine--VERY informative and interesting!! WONDERFUL trip!!

In February and March of 2019 I traveled independently in Israel and Palestine for 4 weeks arranging my own accommodations and transport. In Tel Aviv and Jerusalem I used Air B & Bs. They were priced right and great. In Ramallah, Jericho, Nablus and Bethlehem I used a combination of budget hotels and Air B & Bs. The Palestinians could not have been more friendly and welcoming. I met many people who were very happy a US citizen had come to see Palestine. Really interesting trip.

we were considering going to Egypt when OAT still had not resumed tours to Egypt. We booked with ARCHEOLOGICAL PATHS, a company we found advertised in Smithsonian. AAs it turned out, the tour we booked blew OAT away. Our tour was overseen by Dr. Zachi Hawass, former Director of Egyptian Antiquities. I had read articles he wrote and had seen documentaries on both the National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. You can't get a better resource than that. Additionally, Archeological Paths got us PRIVATE entries into all the pyramids, as well as the Luxor Temple-no other tourists there. And to top it off, instead of attending OAT's "day in the life" of an Egyptian farmer, Archeological Paths took us to the presidential palace where we had tea with Madame Jenin Sadat. We also had private entries into several non-public tombs in the Valley of the Kings, in addition to those open to the public. In short, as it turned out, I'm glad we went with Archeological Paths. Although a bit more expensive than OAT, that trip was considerably better.