Celestyal Cruises to Cuba

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We are interested in sailing with Celestyal Cruise to Cuba from Montego Bay which docks at many cities around Cuba. It seems that this will be a great way for us to experience more of Cuba than we would on a land tour that would also be more costly. If you have sailed with this company to Cuba I would appreciate your comments.

My husband & I did this cruise the 1st 2 years it was offered but by a Canadian company so in Canadian dollars. We liked the experience enough to have done it twice. The ship is a nice size & has everything you need. The ports at that time were different & we didn't stay overnight in Havana like it does now.
There is quite a thread on Cruise Critic from people who have done this cruise over the years.
It is a great way to see more of Cuba.

We took the cruise a year ago and took my son and his wife. We did spend an overnight in Havana and wandered the city including a 1957 Buick convertible private tour. In Montego Bay we stayed at Toby's Resort the night before and then after the cruise. The ship is refurbished and offers most of the traditional amenities you would expect. Of course we paid in Canadian dollars so that was almost a 27% discount but now they only take USD or possibly Euros.