Travel options in Adelaide

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We are spending 3 to 4 days extra prior to a cruise in Adelaide (have to fly back to Sydney for the cruise). I'd like to see some specific wineries in the area, as well as a day on Kangaroo Island. Frommer's recommended staying in Glenelg over Adelaide (neater, better facilities, and easy to get to Adelaide via train), but the tours I've seen leave from Adelaide. Is staying in Glenelg preferable to a down-town hotel? Would getting tours to wineries and Kangaroo Island be more of a hassle if I stayed in Glenelg? And does anyone have any experience with Essential Down Under Travel, and ITN advertiser?

We would definitely not recommend going to Kangaroo Island. In our opinion it was not at all worth the time and effort required to get there. We stayed in Adelaide and rented a car to drive to the wineries in the Barossa Valley. It was very easy to do on our own. Be sure to stop at the maritime museum in Port Adelaide on your way to the Barossa Valley.