Private tour for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova?

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<p>We are looking for a company that could assist us with a private tour to include the Ukraine (Kiev and Lviv) and Belarus (Minsk, Brest &amp;?) for about 12 days or so.&nbsp; We may also be interested in adding a couple of days in Moldova is it works out.&nbsp; We are hoping to find something at less than a 5* price but still comfortable.</p>

MIR runs a tour to those countries, and also does private trips. But they will be expensive. I haven't been to Belarus (didn't want to pay the visas fees just for Minsk), but I visited Ukraine and Moldova on my own in 2006 - details at . I used for train tickets and hotel for Odessa. I can't recommend the woman I used for accommodation in Chisenau, but today I would book direct.

Thanks thursdaysd

ITN advertiser Original World has an 18-day group tour (small group size only) to Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova that begins in Minsk and ends in Chisenau.  They can also book a private tour for you, but 12 days without Moldova will probably be at least as expensive as their 18-day group tour that includes Moldova.  For best value for the money, my advice would be to wait until you can spare the 18 days to take it with a group.  Their tour is offered twice a year, spring and fall.