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Female traveler seeking a female travel companion to share costs for international travel destinations. A non-smoker, mature, adventuresome traveler preferred. I am a retired teacher who loves traveling the world.

I am a well travelled mature woman who doesn't smoke. I am a retired dentist. I usually travel alone because I have no companion but some trips have too large a single supplement to travel. if you would like to contact me by private message please do so. I look forward to hearing from you. I too am adventuresome and this October will be going to Guyana, French Guiana and Surinam with Nomad Adventures who have paired me up with a single female.

Hi, I am well traveled mature woman who just returned from Madagascar. I have been to 125 countries and would like to go to PNG next August. If someone would like to join me let´s talk. I love to travel by myself but sometimes the single supplement is just too high.

Let me add to the pool - TCC member over 113 countries - love the authentic local experience rather than group tours.. I am an avid photographer, enjoys wildlife and personal experiences while traveling. For example: home cooking classes in Moroco with a Berber family, italina lessons in a castle near San Marino, volunteer work with Jane Goodall at chimpanzee orphanage, walking with cheetahs in Namibia, watching whales in Hervey Bay, dancing with native tribe in Goroka Show in Papua New Guinea. etc, etc...
What's next for me? Panama doing wildlife and tribes and Colombia homestay. In the list: the 5 stans, Polar bears in Spitbergen/Churchill, Christmas Island crab invasion, jacuzzing with snow monkeys in Japan...

Interested in sharing similar adventures or perhaps sip some Bordeaux and day tripping in Provence? Keep me posted... Ciao.

I'm a mature retired professional woman whos husband doesn't like to travel. I've traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, middle east and central america. I would like to visit Burma, do a Safari, travel to Ireland and explore more of Eastern Europe  and the Stans. If this is of interest to you please respond. I live in Philadelphia.Mary

Hi Mwkirson,Burma owns ideally pristine destinations for safari and birding. During my visit last month, I visited Nat Ma Taung Birding Park (Victoria Mountain) near Bagan and Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Nature Camp in Yangon. These places were so beautiful.