Car and driver in Turkey

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Thank you to the responses to my previous question about eating in Turkey. I need help with another question. We'd like to hire a private car and driver to take us from Selcuk to Antalya. We are not looking for a guided trip, just driving help so that we don't have to drive ourselves. I've contacted some of the agencies cited in ITN and either not received a response or received one that didn't seem to fit the bill. I would be interested in all suggestions. Also, I'm not sure if I should specify my request as transfer from one town to another. We plan to stay 3 nights in Fethiye and 2 nights in Kalkan along the way. Aside from the transfers from place to place, which I thought might include some sightseeing as well, we might want a car and driver for a day or two, but not every day, while staying in those towns. I've never traveled this way before so am a bit befuddled/puzzled by how to proceed. Thank you in advance for any input.          

When I travelled in southern Turkey last year I found it very easy to arrange a car and driver through my hotels. In Antalya, the hotel recommended a travel agency (sorry, I cannot remember the name offhand) that provided me with a car and driver, who I believe was a relative or friend of the owner. Between Antalya and Kars I stopped off for sightseeing along the way, including doing a boat trip that my driver accompanied on. Then through my hotel in Kars, I arranged a car and driver to do sightseeing to famous sites around that area and on the last day to do sightseeing and then drop me off at a bus station where I could get a bus to Bodrum, my final destination in the south. (The buses I took in Turkey were also pretty reliable.)

When I made the arrangements, I would always explain the exact sites I wanted to visit and how long I expected to spend at each site so the time and distance would be calculated into the price and there would be no disputes later. My drivers were very accommodating and would stop at additional places along the way for photos, rests, etc.

It was not very expensive and I felt I could trust the drivers because they had been recommended by the hotels.

I would recommend that you proceed as I did and arrange the cars and drivers as you go so you can decide on which days you would like to travel. If satisfactory, you can use the same driver and car again as I did within each area.

I hope the above is helpful.


Dear Karyn,

This is extremely helpful. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I think this may be how will we have to proceed, as I'm not getting much help from travel agencies so far.