Gift Ideas for Cuba

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I'm looking for suggestions for small gifts - inexpensive, light & easy to pack, please - to give to people I visit in Cuba. A friend already suggested guitar strings & saxophone reeds for musicians - a great idea. Any suggestions for artists, seniors, families? Any & all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Retirada, you didn't mention the kind of trip you are taking. Is it a "People to People" trip, the kind that has recently been approved by the U.S. government? If so, the people you meet need and will appreciate anything you bring. The artists would appreciate fine brushes and quality paints. The musicians would appreciate printed music. We heard a choral group that sang an amazing arrangement of "Shenandoah", and would love 4-part choral music. The seniors we visited might like hand cream, soaps. multivitamins like Centrum. Any family would be able to use needles and thread - and buttons! The Cubans are baseball-crazed, so anything that is baseball themed would be loved. Also greatly appreciated would be decks of cards, over-the-counter medications (such as aspirin, etc), toothbrushes and toothpaste, cough drops, razors. Also crayons, markers, or puzzles. And, of course, chocolate. Hopefully something(s) on this list will give you the ideas that you need. Cuba is wonderful!

I agree with MusicMajor and want to stress taking American made over-the-counter medicines. Because of the embargo , these items are very difficult to find in Cuba. I had an accident and visited a hospital and after seeing the condition of the premises, ended up returning a few days later and giving the emergency room doctor my prescription medicines - they were especially grateful for the Cipro.

Thanks to both MusicMajor and Adventuregirl for the great gift ideas for Cuba. Yes, I'll be on a "People to People" trip and our itinerary includes many visits with musicians, artists, dancers, schools and seniors. I appreciate all these suggestions - especially since artist brushes, sheet music, OTC medicines are light and easy to carry. Thanks again.