Slashed "slash proof" Bag in Quito, Ecuador

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My husband and I were delighted with the public transportation options in Quito. For $.25 you can ride the full 18 km of the public trolley system (with a few transfers). I had read that the trolleys could be dangerous therefore i was extremely aware of who i stood next to and what was going on. From Magellan's I ordered a "slash proof" steel mesh reinforced pocketbook especially for the trip. On a brief trolley ride a woman boarded the trolley and stood between my husband and myself. The trolley was crowded and we had to stand. I watched her the whole time she was on the trolley and so did my husband. For some reason we were both wary of her but we never saw her do a thing. I looked into her eyes most of the time. I had Magellan's "slash proof" bag securely wedged under my armpit and towards the front of my body, but one arm was hanging on to a rail. When I reached my destination in Old Town, my bag had 3 hugh slashes and I had been robbed of my new $400 nikon camera. I had not carried a wallet that day but the theif kindly left my spanish lessons and guide book in tact. I tried to post a comment on Magellan's web site to warn folks the bag was not slash proof. I am most upset they never allowed it to be posted. I did get my money back. This put us off Quito. Too bad, because its an extremely interesting city worth days of museum going and walking around.

Can you tell us what brand of bag you had? I know Magellan offers several. I bought a "Pacsafe" bag from REI. I've been happy with it and have used the clips to secure the zippers when I'm in markets and other places where pickpockets are likely, but I haven't had any incidents, so I don't know if it is really slash-proof or not.

it was from Magellan

I'm off again in a few weeks and will look at your pac safe bag.