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Has anyone used UNTOUR? Do they provide guides, drivers?

From reports, I think they give you some house keys and a list of suggestions and the phone numbers of a local agent - maybe if you want just a villa to do on your own, try VRBO about which I have heard nothing but good things. UNTOURS sounds pricey since it is a per person charge.

For years we have rented a villa/farmhouse through http://initaly.com and have been very satisfied. They are excellent! but only rent Italian properties. (We are looking for a vacation in the Provence/Lanquedoc regions of France.) As we get older, we are more interested in a company that has access to a guide/driver and thought perhaps UNTOUR might fit the bill. I will check out VRBO. Thanks.

I used Untours many years ago. The met us and transported us to our apartment, oriented us the first day to the city, transportation, etc. They provide either a car, or a train pass or bus pass depending on the place. They also had us meet once in the middle of the trip for a dinner at their expense. And they are available for answering questions. We were very happy with them and had a gorgeous apartment in Budapest and a perfectly nice one in Vienna.