Lodging Near Cinque Terre . Italy

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My husband and I would like to treat our chldren/grandchildren to a trip to Italy to celebrate our 50th anniversary. We are looking for lodging for 10 in the Cinque Terre area. We hope to find something that is simple, clean, and inexpensive. We would also consider lodging elsewhere as train travel is efficient and easy. I love the Cinque Terre hike. I have begun to research agriturismo opportunities. We might consider hostels, too. Another option would be a home exchange. We have a beautiful home in Breckenridge, Colorado, that sleeps 10. We are planning this trip for June of 2013. but June of 2012 might be an option. Thanks for giving us any tips that might help us put our trip together. Judy . . . bjspinney@gmail.com

Try contacting Euro Villas Ltd (www.eurovillasltd.com). They might be able to find you a house or a villa. We have used them for Paris and Tuscany and are very satisfied.

In 2009, we rented a villa through them near Bagni di Lucca. They have lots of properties in Italy.

Good luck.


Just saw your post. Try http://initaly.com/. I have used them extensively. Another company that has many large villa to rent is http://www.rentvillas.com/.

Buona fortuna. Enjoy this beautiful area. The first time we went in 1992, there were very few visitors. Now, it is quite crowded. But still, a wonderful place to visit and explore.


I stayed outside and to the north of Cinque Terre in Levanto which has a lot more interest as a place to stay and has some modest hotels back in the old town, though the one's near the water are more expensive. I thought Levanto was a very charming town with lots of local life still. I think the name of the family run hotel was called Primavera .I took the trains that leave all the time when i did my Cinque Terre hike - tried to do it all in one day but gave up on the last northernmost stretch which looked fairly exposed and dull. But the lower ones were really terrific, easiest first, then it gets harder. The days were short there otherwise I might have gutted out that a last most northern one and done all five.

I have heard of initaly.com before, however I have never used them. I think my sister used to use them for her travels when she visited there frequently. I am headed to Italy the early part of 2013 (I often plan way too far ahead!), so I am probably going to use a company similar to this to book my airfare, expatriate health insurance, lodging, etc. I hear Cinque Terre is beautiful, so I hope you find what you are looking for if you haven't already. Good luck!