Amerispan Language Courses

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Has anyone taken language classes arranged by Amerispan ( I am trying to spend some extra time in Colombia and improve my language skills before a group tour. The Amerispan program looks good as it includes morning classes and afternoon activities, but I hope to hear from someone who has used this company. Thank you!

Adventuregirl, thank you so much for your suggestions last year. We were in New Zealand for a few weeks in September, 2010 and had a great time. Your observations were right on!

We did, however, stop at Franz Joseph and the glacier because we bused (enjoyably) up the Tasman Coast to Greymouth. The huge ice field juxtaposed next to a lush temperate rain forest was remarkable; it must have been like that at the end of the last ice age when our prehistoric ancestors hunted the giant herbivores that fed there...

Thanks again,
Leonard and Marilyn Horn