Private Guide in Florence & Rome

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We are two couples who want private guides for Florence and Rome. Thinking 4-6 hour tour (walking/riding, as appropriate). Any recommendations? Any "must do" organized tours that you can recommend?

Last year, my wife and I rented apartments in Florence and Rome. We used a company called Euro Villas Ltd. ( They also arranged transfers and private sightseeing tours in each city.

Try them. We were very satisfied. The guides we had very knowledgeable.

My husband and I and another couple had a wonderful private guide in Pisa and Florence in Sept 2010. I would highly recommend her. She picked us up from a Princess cruise and we spent the day with her. She's very pleasant and very knowledgeable. We took 3 private tours in Italy and she was by far the very best. Both Paola Migliorini and her husband Giuseppe are guides in the Florence area. We handled everything by email.

Paola and Giuseppe Migliorini

Your welcome to mention us. Just say the lady that left her camera in her tour car recommended her. I'm sure she'll remember me.

(Paola found my camera and mailed safely back to our home)