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“In April we start making thousands of kiping,” explained Milada Valde of Lucban, Quezon, Philippines, as she poured the bright yellow batter over a large shiny leaf.

Placing the kiping-covered leaf on a steamer, she continued: “May 15 is our Pahiyas Festival. We give thanks to San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers, for a good harvest by covering our houses completely in fruits, vegetables and decorations made of kiping.”

As she peeled the dried, wafer-like kiping...


by Sandra Scott

Orel Emile Gentle Steward traded his life as a chef on a cruise ship to be a chef in his hometown of Sambo Creek, Honduras.

Sambo Creek is one of many colorful Garifuna villages that dot the north coast of Honduras. The Garifuna are an AfroCaribbean group which lives on some of the most beautiful palm-fringed beaches in Central America. It is easy to understand why Chef Orel returned to Sambo Creek.

The Garifuna originated from two Spanish slave ships...