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Situated just 18 miles north of Venezuela, Aruba is a Caribbean island only 20 miles long and six miles wide. The island is one of the safest Caribbean destinations, where even the water is safe to drink. 

When my husband, John, and I visited in November 2014, we stayed at Sunset Beach Studios (L.G. Smith Boulevard 486, Malmok, Aruba; phone, in Aruba, [297] 586 3940 or, toll free in the US, 800/813-6540, www.arubasunsetbeach.com). We paid $100 for a room with a porch that...


One of the sources I check when I’m researching a destination is Global Greeter Network (www.globalgreeternetwork.info). 

Available in nearly two dozen countries, Greeters are volunteers who each give free 2-hour tours of their city, taking visitors to parks and lesser-known neighborhoods or shopping. Greeters are not professional guides, so they do not take their guests to museums. 

My husband, John, and I signed up several weeks in advance to take a Greeter...


I love jungle waterfalls and have played in many a pool at the bottom of a cascade. For a visit my husband, John, and I made to Honduras in June 2014, there was one place I particularly wanted to stay because of its location at the foot of a fall on the Bejuco River. It was Las Cascadas Lodge (Km. 6 Carretera a Yaruca, La Ceiba, Honduras; phone [504] 9923 6237 or, the Florida office, 352/385-7555, www.lascascadaslodge.com). 

The 3-room, boutique lodge lies east of La Ceiba at...

Garnishing the Shrimp & Rice Vermicelli Soup.

Macau (originally spelled “Ma­cao”) was the last of the Portuguese colonies. On Dec. 20, 1999, after being administered by Portugal for 442 years, Macau was returned to Chinese governance. Today it is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. 

The Chinese government has a policy of “one country, two systems,” so Macau is administered by the Macanese people and retains its capitalistic system — similar to Hong Kong...

Griot de Porc
A great party snack — Plantain Fritas with Griot de Porc
You’re in luck with the spicy salad Laap
Goong Makham!
Ingredients for the Korean dish Mushroom Japchae.
Seoul, South Korea: Mushroom Japchae