Eye on Travel Insurance

The short answer is 'Probably not.' A discussion of the possibilities of having a medical emergency on your trip abroad. Statistics that Wayne developed indicate that only on approximately one trip in 1,000 trips will an overseas traveler have any kind of medical emergency that requires an outpatient visit to a hospital or other medical clinic, etc., that is, a medical problem that needs more than first-aid type of treatment. (This article claims that a disadvantage of a zero-trip-cost policy is the lack of a waiver of the preexisting-condition clause. Subsequent research indicated that three travel insurance policies will waive the preexisting-condition clause [see July 2012, pg 58].)
A discussion of travel insurance with regard to changes in a trip’s itinerary. Travel insurance without a “Cancel for any reason” clause will cover trip interruption only for specific causes (generally, a death in the family or a medical emergency affecting you, your spouse or a traveling companion or a close relative back home or one of the nonmedical reasons listed by the policy). (See June 2003, page 50, for information on “Cancel anytime, for any reason" coverage.)
Answers the question “Am I likely to get a refund of a travel insurance premium if I cannot take the trip?” — The short answer is 'Probably not.' A discussion of this issue and some situations in which you might get a refund of the premium from a travel insurance company.
(also known as post-departure coverage or zero-trip-cost coverage) — A discussion of a strategy to get economical high-limits overseas medical coverage plus medical-evacuation coverage.
A discussion of alternative coverage.
To buy or not to buy: that is the question. Plus a quote from the former Consumer Reports Travel Newsletter, and how to deal with travel insurance sales techniques.
How to avoid travel to dangerous destinations not covered by travel insurance, plus recommendations on four good books on the topic of dangerous places.
Notification of change in travel insurance cost by STA Travel (see April 2006, page 52). Also, a tip on purchasing a little-known, zero-trip-cost policy, aka post-departure policy, which came to be known in ITN as The Betty James Travel Insurance Strategy (Sept. 2010, page 54). Also, “layoff” coverage and help in choosing a travel insurance policy.