The Garden Path

Sir Geoffrey standing near the green door to the Secret Seaside Gardens of Black
Touring the Secret Seaside Gardens of Blackpool Sands — Devon, England
Cornwall’s St. Michael’s Mount is almost a mirror image of Normandy’s Mont- St-M
St. Michael’s Mount, in the English Channel off of Cornwall
Valda Poletti and her husband, David Clarkson, brought wild New Zealand to their
Te Kainga Marire in New Plymouth on New Zealand’s 
North Island
Two women performed morning exercises in the courtyard of Lou Lim Iok Garden.
Lou Lim Iok Garden and Luís de Camões Garden in Macau, China
The Ora Garden of Wellbeing at the Taupo Museum in New Zealand
Children, too, serve as costumed docents at Kings Landing.

KINGS LANDING, New Brunswick — For over 200 years, the buildings that make up Kings Landing Historical Settlement served well those living in Canada’s St. John River Valley. There, in an area so fertile that it was quickly dubbed “little Egypt,” thousands of refugees from colonial America found a new home in the aftermath of the American Revolution.

The refugees were Loyalists, American colonists who had chosen to side with the British and King George III. At...

A medieval medicinal garden on the island of Reichenau in Lake Constance, Germany
Ornate wrought-iron gates lead to the less-formal second garden.

One cannot spend much time in the tiny multi-island nation of Malta without running smack-dab into the Knights of the Order of St. John.

Not literally, of course, since their 268-year stay ended 200 years ago. But evidence of their existence was left everywhere on Malta’s main island — also called Malta — as they went about transforming a limestone breadcrumb in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea into a prized jewel of mighty defenses and buildings of architectural splendor.