The Garden Path

The expanse of sculpted white marble titled “The Poet’s Dream” struck me as pretty awful. Located near the Palais de la Découverte, just off the Champs-Élysées, it depicts 19th-century poet Alfred de Musset swooning over his past lovers — affairs now forever cast in stone, albeit the massive sculpture’s 1910 creator, Alphonse Emmanuel de Moncel de Perrin, is little remembered and rightfully so, or so I thought as I turned to leave. 

Just to the right...


Namibia’s National Botanic Garden was right there, according to my map, close by Windhoek’s impressive Parliament Building and a hop, skip and a jump from the city’s landmark Christ Church. But where was it? 

As I trudged along streets and roads that invariably didn’t take me to the garden, there was no need to remind me that Windhoek is the capital city of the driest country south of the Sahara. My water bottle had long ago gone empty.


The Cathedral of St. Andrew in Wells and its image captured in a reflecting pool. Photos by Yvonne Michie Horn
Strolling around the ruins of the Great Hall of the Bishop’s Palace in Wells, England

Bath was awash in Jane Austen character look-alikes. Hundreds of Mr. Darcys and Mrs. Bennets filled the sidewalks of this patrician small city in homage to her for having lived and written there for five years. It was Bath’s annual Jane Austen Festival (in 2014 taking place Sept. 12-21) and I, alas, not a Jane Austen fan, had unwittingly blundered into its midst for a 3-day stay.

“Oh, who could be bored with Bath?” cried Catherine Morland, the ever-optimistic...


Tulips, tulips and more tulips were the undisputed stars of The Butchart Gardens this day in mid-April 2013 on Vancouver Island, Canada. Tulips edged beds, outlined paths and admired their reflections in ponds, thanks to the importation of 300,000 bulbs from Holland each year.

Along with tulips galore, a bevy of other bulbs, plants, trees and shrubs were in full spring fling throughout The Gardens’ 55 acres. 

Hyacinths, narcissus, pansies and primulas, froths of...

Visitors enter the Montmartre Museum in Paris via a rose-draped arbor. Photos by Yvonne Michie Horn
Le Jardins du Musée de Montmartre (2 of 2 on Paris museum gardens)
Le Jardin du Musée de Cluny, or The Garden of the Musée de National du Moyen Âge (1 of 2 on Paris museum gardens)
Hacienda de Oro visitors' center and restaurant is at the heart of the gardens.
Orchids of Mexico are featured in the Vallarta Botanical Gardens in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico