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Lodging at hostels while globetrotting is becoming an increasingly popular trend among travelers ages 40 to 70. For a number of them, hosteling has even become a lifestyle, as opposed to just a travel style.

During a recent interview, friend and lifelong hosteler Merrilee Zellner shared her insights regarding the history and evolving status of the people, particularly seniors, who stay in hostels while traveling.

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Responding to Randy’s recent encouragement, travelers share their stories of “giving the gift of 
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trips to foreign countries
Walking the center span of Ljubljana’s decorative Tromostovje (Triple Bridge) toward hilltop Ljubljana Castle.
ElderTreks’ “Adriatic Adventure” — this month, Italy and Slovenia (3 of 3)
The Arch of the Sergii is a triumphal arch built by the Romans in Pula. Photos:
ElderTreks’ “Adriatic Adventure” — this month, Croatia 
(2 of 3)
Climbing one of the world’s longest city walls, in Ston, Croatia.
ElderTreks’ “Adriatic Adventure” — this month, from Dubrovnik, Croatia, to Bosnia & Herzegovina (1 of 3)
The medieval Baba Vida fortress in northern Bulgaria.
Touching on Bulgaria and Romania on an Eastern Europe Danube cruise to the Black Sea (3 of 3)
Croatia and Serbia — cruising on the Danube from Budapest to the Black Sea (part 2 of 3)