Far Horizons

Baracoa (2 of 3 on Cuba)
The Catedral de la Habana and its namesake plaza graces Old Town Havana. Photos by Randy Keck
Highlights of Havana (1 of 3 on Cuba)
The beachfront at the Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort on Palm Beach.
Things to see and do around Aruba (2 of 2)
An aerial view of Aruba's busy Palm Beach.
Oranjestad, Palm Beach and more (1 of 2 on Aruba)
A fruit vendor in traditional costume in the walled city of Cartagena. Photos: Keck
Highlights of Cartagena (3 of 3 on Colombia)
Our group talking with children at Hacienda Venecia, outside of Manizales, Colombia.
(Part 2 of 3 on Colombia)
A Guatapé local poses by a pub-front “socket” for which he served as a model.
Bogotá, Medellín and Guatapé (1 of 3 on Colombia)

Lodging at hostels while globetrotting is becoming an increasingly popular trend among travelers ages 40 to 70. For a number of them, hosteling has even become a lifestyle, as opposed to just a travel style.

During a recent interview, friend and lifelong hosteler Merrilee Zellner shared her insights regarding the history and evolving status of the people, particularly seniors, who stay in hostels while traveling.

It became clear to me during our exchange that a discussion of...