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(Third of three parts, see part one or part two)

In the final part of this series about my November 2013 visit to Madeira, I will address planning a trip to this enchanting Atlantic isle. In addition to touring choices and accommodation suggestions, I will list some activity options that my wife, Gail, and I were not able to fit into this first visit.


Most of the hotels on Madeira are located in and around Funchal. During our 6-night stay, we had the...

Touring the Portuguese island of Madeira, then focusing on Funchal (2 of 3)
Overlooking Funchal, Madeira's capital.
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Santiago de Cuba, and reveling in the local performing arts (3 of 3 on Cuba)
Baracoa (2 of 3 on Cuba)
The Catedral de la Habana and its namesake plaza graces Old Town Havana. Photos by Randy Keck
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