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Previously I have written on the subject of one of the rarest categories of all touring offerings in the U.S. outbound travel marketplace: the long-haul, single-destination group tour (LHSDGT), in this article to be referred to as LT. The LT was defined at that time as a group tour of three weeks or longer that focused on a single overseas destination.

Over the many months since the original article appeared (Sept. ’04, pg. 106), I have received a surprising amount of reader...


Two hours’ drive south of Santiago lies one of Chile’s most renowned wine-producing regions, Valle de Colchagua. On my last visit to Chile, in February ’05, I had the opportunity to visit, albeit too briefly, this impressive valley of abundance on the Ruta del Vino.

A lengthy list of awards and medals have to date been earned by the valley’s wineries in prestigious international competitions and publications. This was highlighted in 2003 when the Colchagua...


(Part 1 of 2 on Chile)

On a visit to Chile in February 2005 I had the opportunity to stay at a friend’s apartment in Santiago and enjoy many of the lifestyle attractions experienced by locals.

The apartment is located in an upmarket district of the city known as Providencia, an area of primarily highrise apartment and condominium buildings only a few blocks away from the busy primary thoroughfare of Avenida Apoquindo. The peaceful, tree-lined streets were seemingly...


Periodically, in future I plan to do “Under the Microscope” columns which will examine in detail various terms and aspects of tours and touring.

This first column will take a close look at advertised tour departure dates listed by tour and other travel operators. When the departure dates are attached to group tour products as compared to individual tours, examination is recommended for the careful, prudent traveler.

When a travel company advertises a departure date...

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by Randy Keck

On my return from the Antarctic, I had the opportunity to stop over in Santiago, Chile, for a few days with friends Scott Jones and Anne Keller, whose large apartment tends to be a haven for a constant stream of globetrotting international visitors.

We decided on a free day to venture southeast of Santiago up the renowned Canyon del Maipo into the Andes in search of two hot springs: Baños Morales and Baños Colina.

The climb on our last leg to Baños Colina...


The first air cruise to Antarctica

It is commonly known and accepted in the realm of international tourism that in order to experience Antarctica one must first conquer the dreaded Drake Passage, perhaps the most consistently rough ocean crossing in the world. Little did I ever dream that I would have the opportunity to tame this monster crossing in painless fashion, by avoiding it altogether.

In early December of 2003 I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in...