Contributing Editor: Randy Keck

Randy Keck


Randy Keck has been a Contributing Editor for ITN since 1983, when he started writing a column titled "Oceania." At the time, Randy and his wife, Gail, owned and operated a travel company called A.S.I. Tours, conducting tours for groups and individuals to Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific islands and Southern Africa. They worked as tour operators for nearly two decades, during which Randy led many groups to Australia and Africa. Randy continues to work actively as a tour director, leading groups to Australia and Cuba. He also remains involved in multiple facets of the tourism industry, including consulting.

Randy has a background as a psychologist and worked as a family and university counselor in three states in Australia (Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory) as well as in California and Florida. He was one of the first Americans admitted to the Australian Psychological Society and retains a special interest in the unique field of travel psychology. 

In 1995 Randy changed the name of his column in ITN to “Far Horizons,” expanding its reach to destinations worldwide. He also began to draw on his experience as a tour operator and psychologist to tackle and, at times, dissect topics of interest to international travelers. 

A confessed international travel addict, he has visited 94 countries on the ITN Official List of Nations plus countless other territories and protectorates. 

Randy professes the following: "International travel produces the ultimate human learning experience, helping to insure that the true traveler always remains in humility-based student mode. I consider my favorite destination to be wherever I am traveling to next. I believe the desire to travel is synonymous with the need to continue growing and is therefore the worthiest of aspirations. My experience of life has been that eternal youth is attainable because it is simply a state of mind."