Travel Awards

ITN currently offers the following awards to qualified subscribers:

If you are not currently a subscriber but would like to be eligible for ITN travel awards, subscribe here. The cost for each certificate, including one with two names (i.e. James and Jennifer Jones) is $7 to cover printing and postage.

World Awards

Been There, Done That! All Sovereign Nations Award
You need to have been to all of the 196 on the list.
Nifty One-Fifty Nations Award
Make it to 150 out of the 196.
ITN 100 Nations Award
You need to have been to 100 of the world's 196 independent sovereign nations.
Third of the World! Award
66 countries is your goal.
Quarto Mondo
Tackle 49 countries.
Travel is My Forte
A fortuitous 40.

Continent Awards

Traveled to Six Continents
Hit six of the seven.
Traveled to All the Continents
A worldwide achievement.

Africa Awards

Visited All of Africa
Visit all 54 countries.
Half of Africa Award
Visit 27 of the 54.

Asia Awards

All of Asia Travel Award
Travel to all 49 countries.
North & Central Asia Travel Award
An interesting 6.
East & Southeast Asia Travel Award
17 is the goal.
South Asia Travel Award
An exotic 8.
West Asia Travel Award
A challenging 18.

Europe Awards

Visited All of Europe Award
Tag the 45 countries.
Visited Half of Europe Award
Visit at least 23 of the 45 countries.
The Microstates of Europe Travel Award
Make at least a short visit to the half-dozen smallest independent European nations.
The United Kingdom Travel Award
All four countries.

South America Awards

Visited All South America Award
Have you stopped in all 13 countries?
Visited All Central America Award
The seven.

Other Awards

The Oceania XIV Award
Set foot in all 14 nations.
Visited All of France Travel Award
Mainland plus possessions — 12 destinations around the world. Difficile, non?
Caribbean X
10 of 13 nations.
O Canada Travel Award
Visit all of the ten provinces and three territories that comprise Canada.
Trod the Twenty-Four
Spent time in all 24 time zones?
Following The Equator
A toughie — all the countries along the line between the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
The Phileas Fogg Award
Major destinations from the Jules Verne novel “Around the World in 80 Days.”
Hit the Road Award
Visit destinations in the “Road To...” movie titles.
The Shellback Plus Award
Cross the equator, prime meridian and International Date Line.