Print advertising rates and deadlines

Ad Rates


Issue Reservation Deadline Copy Submission Deadline
January November 1 November 5
February December 1 December 5
March January 1 January 5
April February 1 February 5
May March 1 March 5
June April 1 April 5
July May 1 May 5
August June 1 June 5
September July 1 July 5
October August 1 August 5
November September 1 September 5
December October 1 October 5

"The Mart" ads

Classified ads in "The Mart" are $.77/word. We require a physical address on all ads in the print edition, both display and Mart. A P.O. Box is acceptable. The deadline for "The Mart" is the 15th of the month two months prior to issue date. For example, January 15 for the March issue, which will be mailed in mid-February.

If we are to get your proofs to you in a timely fashion, we must adhere to these dates. If you submit changes to your ad, there will be a $15 minimum fee each time we have to open the ad to make new changes, in addition to the time charge for the complexity of the changes you are submitting. PDFs converted from Microsoft Word are not one of our preferred formats. If you must use MS Word to design your ad, we can accept your layout only if it is exact size, text only, exclusive of photos and graphics, and exactly as you wish it to appear. Photos and graphics must be sent separately and appropriate charges will be made for their insertion in your layout.