Print Ad Specifications


ARTWORK: If submitting your ad electronically please see the submission guidelines. We can accept laser prints but there will be a scan fee for suitable conversion. We cannot accept Xerox or Fax copies. We can enlarge or reduce ads clipped from magazines, but there will be appropriate scan, typesetting and layout charges for any services rendered that are needed to prepare your ad. Also, any copy revisions and ads we make up for you will be subject to the charges we incur in preparing your ad. For the convenience of your customers we are NOW REQUIRING ADDRESSES ON ALL ADS.

AD PLACEMENT: Whenever possible, every effort is made to place each ad next to compatible reading material, within the restrictions of the editorial material in each issue. We try to rotate certain “key” slots among regular advertisers who have the size ad to fit the slot. We will accept a demand position at a 10% surcharge if we are able to fulfill the demand.

RETURN OF COPY Made Upon Request

GENERAL CLASSIFIED ADS: 77¢ per word. First phrase automatically printed in bold face caps. Name of firm is printed in caps. Send check for electronic full amount with order. Payment by credit card is acceptable by e-mail or fax. Deadline is the 15th of the month, two months prior to issue date.

CAMERA-READY DISCOUNT OF 15% on space charges may be taken provided that suitable electronic or camera ready copy is submitted and accounts are paid in full within 30 days. Major modifications to the ad by our art department negate eligibility for the 15% discount.

PAYMENT TERMS: You will receive an invoice upon publication of the issue containing your advertisement. Advertisements that are prepaid are eligible for a 5% discount. We ask that first time advertisers send their prepayment check with their insertion order. Ads paid within 10 days of invoicing are eligible for a 3% discount. Net balances are due in 25 days with 1.5% interest charged on balances after 30 days. If placed by an agency, the advertiser and agency shall be jointly and severally liable to ITN for the payment.

ADVERTISING DEADLINES: Space reservation orders, and/or advertisements we prepare for you, must be received by the 1st of the month, in order to appear in the next published issue. Electronic ads must be received by the 5th of the month. Example: For the June issue, insertion orders must be received by April 1st, prepared ads by April 5th. The issue will be printed and mailed by May 20th.

LIMIT OF LIABILITY: In event of error by International Travel News, ad will be republished correctly without additional charge.

ADVERTISING RESTRICTION ITN does NOT carry any domestic travel display advertising. Also, we (unlike other travel publications) do NOT carry “general” ads such as cigarettes, liquor, automobiles, jewelry, stockbrokers, tires, etc. We do NOT accept advertising from your tax-supported (so-called nonprofit) competitors who are subsidized by the sweat of your brow and your tax dollars. We want our readers spending their money on travel with you. Many of our readers prefer to contact advertisers by mail, so we ask that your company name and address be included in your ad.

AD VISIBILITY POLICY Your ad will stand out in ITN, as we limit each issue to 40% display advertising. We want your ad to be seen, and try to place each ad advantageously for content and visual impact. We may stack ads less than 2 inches in size, but guarantee your ad will be right next to editorial material. ***We do encourage the use of “Keyed” ads. By putting a “code” (Attn: Dave; Suite 5; etc.) in your address, you can compare your cost-per-response and see which advertising vehicle gives you your best value. Measure your return on the basis of payment/yield. That ratio tells you which publication is superior.