About ITN

Totally dedicated to exactly what you sell, ITN is read by those to whom you sell it. With our highly specialized topic (Europe, South and Central America, Africa, Asia, Pacific), we've attracted a most unique audience. Here, you talk to the true travel devotees without paying a heavy penalty for the non-travelers, as is the case elsewhere. ITN makes available to travel sellers an “efficient” (cost-effective) way to reach the actual travelers.

Our objective is to give you the very best cost/results, price/performance ratio. By charging $26.00 per year for a subscription (print & online) to a publication with a very focused subject matter, we have “pre-screened” the audience for you. Our singular theme “filters” out for you those with the keenest interest. ITN has pinpointed your prime prospects. This is indeed accuracy in advertising. We offer you the ultimate in precision. Our goal is that you realize your greatest return-on-investment from ITN. Our advertisers are here because it WORKS for them. We invite you to join in and enjoy the same good results that others are receiving.


Independent research surveys show that per capita and per annum, the percentage of subscribers who travel overseas is higher in ITN than ANY other publication.

International Travel News

  • Year established: March 1976
  • Frequency of publication: Monthly
  • Subscription price: $26/year domestic; Canada $43/All others $53
  • Online only subscription price : $15/year
  • Distribution: Worldwide