Fan of Tunisia and Algeria

By Phyllis Schlesinger
This item appears on page 23 of the February 2021 issue.

I enjoyed reading about Dawn Vincent’s trip to Tunisia and Algeria (Dec. ’20, pg. 6). I’ve traveled extensively in the past 23 years and have enjoyed every minute, but I especially loved Algeria and Tunisia… for their culture, Roman ruins and mosaics, food, climate and, most of all, people.

I’ve been to both countries four times, and I have to say they are my favorites in the world.

I had no problems getting there with Air France, in Premium Economy.

My last trip to Tunisia was in 2017, with Spiekermann Travel Service (Eastpointe, MI; 800/645-3233, My last visit to Algeria was in 2019, also with Spiekermann.

I have also used Adventures Abroad (Blaine, WA; 800/665-3998, and TunisUSA (Iconic Journeys Worldwide, Wayne, PA; 888/474-5502, All the tours were extensive and most enjoyable.

I would like to add that I have never had a negative experience in either country. I always felt quite safe.

New York, NY