Should ITN Cover US Travel Too?

This item appears on page 2 of the August 2020 issue.

International Travel News prints its subscribers' candid opinions about travel firms, services and destinations, and its policy of only covering destinations outside of the United States has resulted in a readership with a high percentage of passport holders, people whose interests range more toward adventure, learning and local cultures than lying on a beach in an all-inclusive resort.

In light of the current pandemic and widespread restrictions on world travel, however, some readers have asked whether ITN could begin covering travel in the US as well, so we're polling our subscribers.

In addition to accepting and printing subscribers' articles and letters about destinations, tours, cruises, flights, hotels, museums, etc., outside of the US and its territories, should ITN also accept and print such articles and letters about travel WITHIN the US? (Note that items on the “News Watch” page would remain restricted to places outside of the US.)

Send us your vote, yay or nay, plus any thoughts you have on the matter. Email or write to Should ITN Cover US Travel Too?, c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818. Include the full mailing or billing address for your subscription. We will announce the results and print accompanying comments in a future issue.