PASMO Passport card, Japan

This item appears on page 32 of the October 2020 issue.

Visitors to Japan can get a reloadable PASMO Passport smart card with which to easily pay for public transportation and some taxis and for purchases at some vending machines and stores (look for the “PASMO” logo at checkout).

The card can be purchased, after a passport is shown that confirms the holder is a traveler, at Haneda and Narita airports and at many Tokyo Metro stations for an initial cost of ¥2,000 (near $19), which includes a ¥500 fee and ¥1,500 in initial credits. Money can be added to the card at ticket-vending machines in train and Metro stations. Once purchased, the card expires in 28 days regardless of how much money is loaded onto it.

PASMO Passports also offer discounts at participating hotels, restaurants and activities. For more info and a list of participating locations, visit