Disinfecting where possible

By Carolyn Moser
This item appears on page 44 of the February 2020 issue.

Among the readers’ letters on the subject “Staying Healthy Abroad” (Dec. ’19, pg. 36), none mentioned disinfecting airplane seat areas as the first step to staying healthy while traveling.

My husband and I always take a small packet of disinfecting wipes and a zip-lock bag to hold used ones, which I toss into the trash bag when the flight attendants make a final pickup pass through the cabin.

We disinfect the obvious: armrests and any buttons on the armrests, tray tables and each table’s release button, the seat belt buckle and mechanism, and the remotes and touch screens located on the backs of the seats in front of us.

When using the bathroom, we use a disinfecting wipe on the door handle and toilet flush handle. That gets tossed in the bathroom trash bin. After returning to our seat, we use disinfecting gel on our hands.


Tucson, AZ