Azerbaijan guide follow-up

By Elnur Babayev
This item appears on page 25 of the January 2020 issue.

Editor’s note: In the letter “Couple’s Experience with Azerbaijan Guide” (Dec. ’19, pg. 28), ITN subscriber Neil Johnson of Nipomo, California, described a couple of disappointments with a private guide whom he and his wife traveled with in May 2019 from Baku, Azerbaijan. ITN had sent a copy of Mr. Johnson’s letter to the guide, Elnur Babayev, but had not received a reply. After publication, ITN received an email from Mr. Babayev stating, “I’m extremely sorry for replying to you so late. Because of a problem with my mail box, I couldn’t receive your message. But I’ve solved it, and I’ve other email addresses too: [including]” ITN sent another copy of Mr. Johnson’s letter to Mr. Babayev and received the following statements in an email.

The opinions of my guests about my services and proficiency are very crucial to me. This was the only negative review I’ve got in my career.

About the lunch the first day, Mr. Johnson had never noted what kind of restaurant he and his wife wanted to enjoy. The buffet restaurant we visited offered more than 100 meals and drinks, and it was the best and the most affordable one in that settlement. Tourists and locals love eating there.

After touring in Sheki upon arrival, we visited the Old Town of Sheki again the next morning, however it was not on our program.

I also asked Mr. Johnson his opinion about the driver taking them to Georgia and me leaving them early in Sheki to return to Baku. I noted that there was no sightseeing to be visited on the way to their hotel in Georgia, and, if they wanted, I could escort them until we got there. He replied that it was OK that I might go back to Baku.

On the tour, every time I asked Mr. Johnson his opinion about the tour, he replied that it was good.

I hope this response will help the restoration of justice.

ELBA (Elnur Babayev)