Australia rock art tours

This item appears on page 37 of the August 2020 issue.

To view ancient indigenous rock art in the upper peninsula of Queensland, Australia, visitors can take either a jeep or helicopter with Jarramali Rock Art Tours (Laura, Queensland, Australia; phone +61 402 805 821,

Featuring carvings and paintings over 20,000 years old, the rock art location is accessible only to members of this tour, guided by one of the Traditional Owners of the land, who will narrate stories depicted on the rock.

Guests on 4-wheel-drive jeep tours will camp in a rustic tent for one or two nights, with all camping materials and meals included; a one-night tour costs AUD790 (near $545) per person, with two nights AUD1,249. Helicopter tours ($1,794) are operated as day tours. All tours leave from Cairns.