Uluru dinner under the stars

This item appears on page 61 of the January 2019 issue.

Taking place on an outdoor platform with views of Uluru (Ayers Rock), the "Sounds of Silence" dinner, in its 26th year, can be booked by guests at Ayers Rock Resort (phone +61 2 8296 8010 www.ayersrockresort.com.au).

The 3-course meal, served as a buffet with canapés, main entrée and dessert, features Australian ingredients such as kangaroo, crocodile, pepperberry and bush tomato. During the meal, an Aboriginal "star talker" will point out constellations and relate their significance to the indigenous peoples of Australia.

The Outback resort has six hotels on its grounds. Room rates range from AUD230 to AUD660 (near $162-$466) per night, with discounts over multiple nights. The dinner costs AUD210.

Uluru will be permanently closed to climbers on Oct. 26, 2019. The indigenous owners of Ayers Rock Resort request that, out of respect for their culture, visitors do not climb Uluru.