Uber a submarine in Australia

This item appears on page 49 of the September 2019 issue.

The ride-sharing company Uber introduced a submarine-hiring service, scUber, on May 27. A submersible with pilot can be hired for one hour by one or two people using the Uber app (available on iPhone and Android).

A scUber submersible is currently available at two Great Barrier Reef locations: Heron Island, off the coast of Gladstone, and Agincourt Reef, off the coast of Cairns, both in Queensland, Australia.

Hiring a scUber costs US$3,000, which includes pickup and drop-off at your hotel (by an Uber driver) and a helicopter transfer to the scUber’s location. Availability is extremely limited.

UPDATE — After printing this Travel Brief, ITN discovered that the sub-hiring service was only meant to last for three weeks, a one-time-only means of raising awareness of Queensland's coral reef. (Darn! That sounded like fun.)