Travel tips on luggage

By Robert A. Siebert
This item appears on page 46 of the January 2019 issue.

Tony Leisner's letter "Upsides to Luggage Tags" (Nov. '18, pg. 48) echoes my own practice regarding luggage tags. I, too, always enter the name and address of my next hotel and the dates I will be there. And if a cruise follows, the ship's name and the departure date appear on a separate tag, probably one issued by the cruise line.

However, I never show my home address* on any tag when flying to my first destination, whether domestic or international. In the event that my checked suitcase were to become misplaced, the last place where I'd want my suitcase shipped is my home, when I have need for its contents while on vacation.

In addition, in case my checked luggage does not arrive at my destination, I always take a small (16"), wheeled carry-on packed with toiletries and enough changes of casual clothes to last my entire trip. This is compact enough for the plane's overhead compartment. I also take a smaller personal bag with my camera, shaver and miscellaneous items that fits under the seat.

Jamaica, NY

*Regarding putting his home address on his luggage tags, Mr. Leisner wrote to ITN, "To be used at the end of my trip for the flight home, I only put my home-address label behind the name-and-address labels for the hotels I'll be staying in. It is the last label left after I remove each of the destination-hotel labels."