Spending a week cruising the Dalmatian Coast

By Bill Reed
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Each night we would dock at some wharf and stay there during the night. The boats would “raft up,” and we had to walk through several boats to get to ours.

Last month, I recounted the 9-day trip my wife, Betty, and I took to Slovenia and Croatia. This month, I’ll concentrate on the 7-day trip down and up the Dalmatian Coast, from Split to Dubrovnik and back to Split, that we took immediately after.

When our excellent trip to Slovenia came to an end, our guide, Sanjin, dropped us off in Split. It was there that we boarded a fairly small (by cruise-ship standards), 32-passenger boat for a trip booked with Adventure Life (Missoula, MT; 800/344-6118, adventure-life.com), a company we have traveled with before and liked. We paid $3,180 for two.

The boat, the Kapetan Bota, was captained by its owner, and some of his four daughters worked on board. There were a couple of deckhands who seemed to race around and do a lot of things, but, mostly, they were just nice to us, as was the whole crew.

The harbors of the islands we visited generally had four to eight similar boats anchored in each. In the larger harbors, giant cruise ships docked and their passengers immediately filled up all the little alleys, coffee shops and sidewalk restaurants, of which there were many. At about 6 p.m., the crowds would disappear back into their ships, and the towns seemed to breathe and slow down.

This was the first time Betty and I had traveled on a family-run ship of this size (it was 125 feet long), and we would do it again in a heartbeat. Having the owners on the boat ensured that everything was done well. The cabins and common areas were clean, the paint was fresh, and the service was excellent.

The small number of people on board meant that we interfaced with everybody in one way or another.

Starting in Split

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