Philippines earthquakes

This item appears on page 21 of the December 2019 issue.

An earthquake measuring 6.4 in magnitude occurred in the central part of the island of Mindanao, southern Philippines, on Oct. 16, killing two people and injuring many others. Many buildings were damaged, including a shopping center in General Santos City that was destroyed by fire, and thousands of people were left without power. The earthquake was centered 45 miles south of the regional capital, Davao.

A second quake, measuring 6.6, occurred in the same area on Oct. 29, killing at least seven people. The second quake destroyed multiple buildings and caused a number of landslides, which seismologists attributed to the weakening effects of the first quake.

Only two days later, a third quake, measuring 6.5, occurred, killing at least five and causing further destruction to weakened buildings, including an unoccupied 6-story hotel in Kidapawan City which collapsed.