News on a scroll?

By Judy Silverstein
This item appears on page 46 of the March 2019 issue.

This month's winner is JUDY SILVERSTEIN of Pompton Plains, New Jersey:

While vacationing in Ixtapa, Mexico, several decades ago, my husband and I went in search of an English-language newspaper. After a lengthy walk, we returned to the hotel hot and tired, put the paper in our room and went for a swim. When we returned, our room had been cleaned and the paper was missing.

Herb went in search of the chambermaid, who spoke an Indian dialect. With our limited Spanish and lots of charades, we managed to communicate that we were looking for our paper. Her face suddenly lit up and she ran from our room.

Herb, who had the remarkable ability to communicate, stood there proudly with an 'I've done it again' look.

When the maid returned a few minutes later, what she handed him was two rolls of toilet paper.


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