Liechtenstein Trail

This item appears on page 23 of the July 2019 issue.

As part of its 300th-anniversary celebration, Liechtenstein opened the new, cross-country Liechtenstein Trail on May 26, 2019. Though the nation is only 24 kilometers (near 15 miles) in length, the trail is 75 kilometers long, reaching 3,600 feet in altitude and passing through 11 small villages. The trail runs between the villages of Schaanwald, in the north, and Balzers, in the south, and takes roughly 21 hours to complete.

Signs on the trail mark 147 “points of interest.” A companion app, Listory, free on Apple and Android, gives info in English for each point. (The trail can be easily navigated without the app.)

For hikers, a luggage-transfer service is available through Liechtenstein Tourism. Per bag, it costs €25 (near $28) for a transfer to one or two hotels and €75 to three or more. Visit or call +423 239 63 63.