Volunteering with Primetimers

By Dee Poujade
This item appears on page 49 of the November 2018 issue.

Many opportunities abound for doing "service travel" and making a difference somewhere in the world, often at minimal cost to the traveler. One example is the United Methodist Church's Primetimers Program (Atlanta, GA; 404/942-4015, www.umcmission.org/primetimers), which offers trips that combine education and service at very reasonable prices.

I also have led and participated in Volunteers in Mission trips through the United Methodist Church, visiting such diverse locations as Cambodia, Guatemala and Brazil, where time was divided between service (as in building a church or teaching at a day-care center) and sightseeing.

I suspect most churches offer similar opportunities, as do organizations such as Doctors Without Borders (www.doctorswithoutborders.org), where one can do good for local people while seeing a bit of the world.

Portland, OR