Travelers’ accessories

By Brooks Goddard
This item appears on page 46 of the May 2018 issue.

On a recent trip to India, I used to advantage the Simran SM-60 power strip and a 4-pack of Orei 2-in-1 USA-to-India adapter plugs (Type D), priced at $11.44 on The Simran strip is indispensable and allows for the use of multiple devices, one of which, for me, is a CPAP machine.

While in India, I acquired a conversion plug by MX that I later found available on Amazon India ( It was priced at INR297 (near $4.60). India is trying to standardize 3-point plugs, but there are various odd configurations of the three points, so I suggest you carry different versions.

On this trip, I also used a Hoodie­Pillow® on the plane and the train. The inflatable collar keeps my head comfortably erect, while the Hoodie gives me protection from light. This is available for $29.95 from the company’s website (

Instead of wearing a backpack, I’ve taken to using a wheeled carry-on that fits under my seat. Mine has multiple zipped sections. I got it at eBags has many versions of this type of luggage, ranging in cost from $37.99 to $399.99.

I gave my wife an Away suitcase, The Carry-On, which she absolutely loved ($225 at It’s strong and easy to use. Airlines are making users each remove the device-recharging battery from their Away bags, but the luggage is still very handy.


Needham, MA