Tourists deported from Cambodia

This item appears on page 59 of the May 2018 issue.

After breaking up a large party attended by tourists in Siem Reap on Jan. 25, Cambodian police arrested 10 foreigners on charges of producing pornography, based on pictures found on the party organizer’s social media. Prosecutors claimed the pictures were evidence of “simulated sex acts” being performed at the party (March ’18, pg. 60)

After being held for a number of days, nine of the foreigners were released and deported, while the tenth (a British citizen named Daniel Jones), the host of the party, continued to be held on the same charge. On March 20, Jones was convicted of sharing images of pornography and given a 10-month suspended sentence. He was then released and deported. 

All of those arrested denied the charges, saying that the photos entered as evidence (which showed people, some of the men shirtless, embracing) were taken years earlier at a different location and did not include any of the people attending the Siem Reap party.