Tour Paris in a gourmet restaurant/bus

This item appears on page 65 of the November 2018 issue.

Aboard a double-decker bus with a kitchen below, you can enjoy a gourmet meal while on a sightseeing tour of Paris with Bustronome (2 avenue Kl├ęber, 75116, Paris, France; phone +33 954 444 555, A free "Audiopen" provides commentary (includes English).

Tours run daily, a 1¾-hour, 4-course lunch (meet at 12:00 or 12:30) and a 2¾-hour, 6-course dinner (7:30 or 8:30). A lunch tour costs 65 (child, 40) or, paired with wine, 85 (near $100) and dinner, 100 (child, 50)/130.

Bustronome is in London too.